Avocado Cafe coming to Huntington Beach

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Following the recent success of Avocado Cafe in Newport Beach, J   Ventures Restaurant Group is proud to announce the opening of Avocado   Cafe   in downtown Huntington Beach, California. It seemed only fitting   that co-founders, and brothers, Jon and Chuy Vidales expand their brand   back to their beloved hometown, where they were born and raised and   currently reside.

Avocado Cafe would like to welcome Chef Matt Perez to the team!!    Avocado Cafe brought on Southern California native Matt Perez!! He has  enjoyed a tenure that has taken him to some of the most sought after  destinations in California and Hawaii. He grew up along the beach in  Carlsbad, just north of San Diego.

Perez has and continues to receive training at the highly regarded Culinary  Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley and over the years, has  perfected his culinary skills working for some of California and Hawaii’s  best known restaurants. In Hawaii, Matt had the privilege of serving under  Hawaii Regional Cuisine Founder, Peter Merriman, while at Hula Grill  Kaanapali. He expanded his knowledge of Hawaiian influenced cuisine while  at Hula Grill Waikiki and Duke’s Waikiki.

Here in Southern California, Matt applied his talents at other T S  Restaurants including Jake’s Del Mar in San Diego, the Cliffhouse in La  Quinta and at Duke’s Huntington Beach. Matt’s experience in Hawaii has led  him to a greater understanding of how to balance influences from both sides  of the Pacific in order to artfully combine California inventiveness with  Hawaiian flavors and create a coastal cuisine that is flavorful, exciting  and innovative

Matt is passionate about sustainability. He is the Program Director with  The Positive Plate, an Orange County organization that promotes  sustainability practices in the food service industry. As one of their food  and sustainability experts, he works directly with local businesses  teaching them better green practices so that they can help make a positive  impact on the environment.

Avocado Cafe is happy to begin work on expanding the brand and working  closely with Chef Matt to maintain a fresh, healthy and simple menu.  We  believe his expertise will take us into the direction we have always  dreamed of.  We welcome Chef Matt and can’t wait for everyone to enjoy the  new and improved Avocado Cafe Irvine and Huntington Beach.

Both Avocado Café’s will strive everyday to provide new and devoted   customers with nutritious fresh meals, naturally crafted beers and bio   dynamic wines that nurture the body and mind. The soul of the expanding   brand has always been based on small town values, a strong sense of   community and a promise to provide only the best service possible. J   Ventures Restaurant Group’s continuos goal will always be to supply   their valued customers with food that they can trust in a warm and   inviting atmosphere. 

The developing company looks forward to opening four new stores and is   currently working with a “green” company, Ecofficiency, to become fully   sustainable. 

 The new location will be located at 438 Main St. Huntington Beach,   California and is expected to open Winter 2012

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  1. Lance says:

    Freshest food and drink in Huntington Beach, I heard they will have craft beers and wines as well!

  2. HBspy says:

    I’m getting hungry just looking at the pictures